In addition to the highly coveted OLED screen, we may also see an advanced 3D laser system that enhances the iPhone 8 camera.

There are many speculations going around about what the new iPhone 8 will feature when it finally arrives in September or October of this year. One of the main enhancements is still favored to be the OLED screen. More recent rumors point to a next-gen 3D laser technology.

The main benefits of an OLED screen are improved display of accurate colors with darker blacks, and less battery consumption. Still there are sceptics who feel that OLED screens alone are not enough to entice customers.

Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz and team had this to say, "In terms of the year ahead, OLED displays continue to be top-of-mind for investors when contemplating form factor improvements that could drive a growth revival, particularly with the iPhone. With OLED, we struggle to see the incremental benefits visually that would inspire a customer to replace an adequately-performing device. While battery life could improve with OLED, our conversations with industry participants suggest that most consumers will not notice any major “must have” experience changes because of new OLED displays versus LCD. We think that this dynamic, if sustained, could limit the upside potential related to new OLED-based devices that likely sell for a premium, which could keep average selling prices from moving much higher."

According to a report from “Fast Company”, The iPhone 8’s anticipated 3D laser technology is supposed to be a system of 3D lasers on the back that work with the iPhone 8 camera. When taking photos, these lasers dramatically improve depth detection and autofocus.

The report further stated the following:

Right now, ARKit apps rely only on the single iPhone camera to picture and measure the real world into which digital content is placed. While the resulting experience is already surprisingly good, the addition of a 3D laser system on the back of the phone would dramatically improve the depth measurement part, and would make the AR even more lifelike.


Here are the top iPhone 8 expectations:

  1. Three new models including two minor "S" upgrades plus an all-new iPhone 8
  2. Home button and Touch ID embedded in the display or located on back
  3. Biometric security with iris scanning and/or facial recognition 
  4. Curved, edge-to-edge OLED display with the iPad's True Tone technology, possibly with Ion-X glass
  5. "Wireless" charging (inductive/magnetic charging, as with the Apple Watch)
  6. Dual-lens camera, possibly in a vertical configuration and/or with AR capabilities
  7. Support for the Apple Pencil
  8. USB-C charger (leading to Apple's existing Lightning connector on the phone)
  9. Enhanced water resistance or waterproofing
  10. Higher quality earpiece for louder, clearer audio
  11. Apple's next-generation processor (the A10X or A11)
  12. Stainless steel and glass body
  13. Upgraded storage and memory, possibly starting at 64GB and 3GB of RAM
  14. Intel or Qualcomm modem
  15. iOS 11 (preview)
Priced between $850 and $1,099 (roughly £650 to £900, or AU$1,150 to AU$1,500)

Sources: Business Insider, MSN

"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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