Apple’s Chief Executive Officer has suggested he is not very enthusiastic about virtual reality. He felt that the technology could isolate users and voiced a preference for Augmented Reality instead.

AR brings graphics and real-world view together rather than solely attracting people’s view with computer generated images. Mr. Cook expresses his opinion about AR and says: “I’m incredibly excited by AR because I can see uses for it everywhere”, and he goes on and adds that “ I can see uses for it in education, in consumers, in entertainment, in sports. I can see it in every business that I know anything about.” I also like the fact that it doesn’t isolate.


Tim also stated that he has never been a fan of VR because it does not amplify the human connection while AR does.


At this point, the experiences offered are restricted to being seen on a smartphone or tablet screen.  Even though Augmented Reality is attracting more hype at present, it is possible that things change and VR will be celebrated again once more standalone headsets become available not to be powered by PC or smartphone.


After Mr. Cook expressed his opinion at an event hosted by the University of Oxford, reported that at an event in San Jose, California, Facebook’s chief said: “that some people say the VR is isolating and anti –social.



I actually think it’s the opposite…. Opening up more of those experiences to more of us- that’s not isolating, that’s freeing.”  Of course, here it goes again!!!

"People Don't Respect Confidentiality in This Industry" -- Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO Jack Tretton

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