Nokia winding down its high-end virtual reality camera division

The Ozo and its follow-up the Ozo +, have been marketed to professionals as being able to capture the “highest quality” 360-degree footage possible, and have been used by Disney among others.



Even though after price cuts, the company indicated that sales have been weaker than expected.  According to a report Nokia stated that it now planned to dedicate its efforts to developing smart health products instead, and would leave it to others to build on its work in VR.


Due to the outcome of the market, Nokia Technologies plans to reduce investment and focus more on technology licensing opportunities. As Ben Wood from the CCS insight tech consultancy commented, ”The Ozo has clearly been a much smaller niche product than Nokia anticipated.”


This technology was on early stage and users found that to process the content takes long time, and became challenging.


Also 360-degree content and VR more broadly have not taken off as quickly as many in the industry had hoped

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