Boeing Co and JetBlue Airways Corp plans to bring a small hybrid –electric airliner to market that could reduce the travel time and cost of trips under 1000 miles, reported “New York”.

The first aircafts planned by Zunum Aero will seat only 12 passengers and Electric-vehicle batteries, that made by Tesla Inc. and Panasonic Corp would power the engine.



According to co-founder and Chief aeronautic engineer of the Kirkland “Matt Knapp”, a supplemental gas engine and electrical generator would be used to give the plane a range of 700 miles, 


Said Knapp,” A larger plane seating up to 50 passengers would follow at the end of the next decade and the range of both would increase to about 1000 miles as battery technology improves.“ he also added that the planes eventually would fly solely on battery power and are being designed to fly with one pilot and eventually be remotely piloted.


At this moment, it sounds somewhat frightening.

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