Microsoft is set to unveil the price of its project Scorpio console as it has dropped the price of Xbox One S to $199. The E3 press conference will unveil the price of this new hardware which is expected to be from $399 to $449.

Photo source: Windows Central

 Microsoft is cutting out $50 from the price of Xbox One S, as it discloses the final price and name for its approaching Project Scorpio console. The price drop was disclosed on Twitter by the software giant, by openly announcing that the Xbox One S consoles with its bundles will be dropped by $50.

Moreover, the price of Xbox One console last year was dropped from its initial price to $299 before the lunching of Xbox One S which later went down to $279 after its announcement. Lots of people are certain that Microsoft will unveil its console price for Project Scorpio console at the E3 press conference. Additionally, fans of Xbox are anticipating for the price of the brand-new hardware to be from $399 to $449.

Source: The Verge

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