A university research program has come up with an algorithm that directs shows you how to take the perfect selfie.

Dan Vogel, a professor of computer science at the University of Waterloo,  had this to say to Digital Trends, “We focused on basic principles of composition, face size, face position, and lighting direction. These parameters are very fundamental to any photograph.

On a technical level, we could also control them very accurately in the thousands of ‘virtual’ selfies we created using 3D computer graphics, and we could recognize them in real time when a person was taking a selfie [by] using computer vision techniques.”

After much work, Vogel and Li were able to generate an algorithm that directs users for the ideal position to move their camera to take the best selfie. Researchers demonstrated the algorithm by asking real people to take selfies under the app’s direction and again asked Mechanical Turks to rate them. With the algorithm’s assistance, selfie takers saw a 26-percent improvement in their photos, according to the study.

Now all I need is an app that makes the perfect cup of coffee.

Sources: Digital Trends, ACM DL

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