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Budget friendly smartwatches Ticwatch E and Ticwatch S are now being held as a campaign on Kickstarter with more than 15,000 backers as of August 11.

People in search for a beneficial smartwatch, and are currently on a budget and do not have the luxury of spending a couple of hundreds of dollars, now have a new budget friendly choice right at the click of a button. Mobvoi a Chinese based company current Ticwatches offer all Android Wear 2.0 functionality at a cost that severely cuts out some big brand competitors.

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Mobvoi conclusively debuted a $99 smartwatch last year, although the decision was that the company ran their own version of Android. Considering to embrace into the large Android Wear 2.0 ecosystem and what it has to offer, the company has now been licensed with a Google operating system and has arrived with a set of new benefits.

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The Ticwatch comes in two models the sport and the express, with their differences being that the Sport version hides its GPS antenna inside the band of the watch, which is considered to give better accuracy. Whereas the Express antenna is built into the body of the smart watch and does not offer replaceable bands. Both models are said to be IP67 dust and water resistant, with the regular fitness tracking capabilities that monitor areas such as steps, heart rate, workout mapping route, and calories burned during workouts. The two models feature a 1.4-inch, 400 x 400 OLED display with batteries rated for 48 hours.

Photo Source: Kickstarter

Top brand smart watches of the likes of LG Watch sport, Huawei Watch 2 that run Android Wear 2.0 cost on average around $300 and up. In other words, the Ticwatches could be of interest for people with the need of functionality, Google operating system, and an amicable price. With several of choices falling into those categories, Ticwatch S and E are to be considered with what it has to offer.

Photo Source: Kickstarter

As of now the Two Ticwatch models are proposals on a Kickstarter campaign, and their Company Mobvoi has raised a tremendous $2,500,000 as of the time of writing and as of now has gotten to $2535,527 pledges with about 15,469 backers. It is said an early pledge of $119 f for the E and $139 for the S will get one heading one’s way as of November if everything planned in its campaign goes as planned.

Sources: Kickstarter, Flipboard

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