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The next new VR headset from Oculus could have more in common with Samsung Gear VR than the company’s category designating Oculus Rift.

The earliest Oculus Rift that was commissioned was exceedingly expected but got limited success after its lunch in March 2016. Presently, Oculus VR which is owned by Tech Giant Facebook, is considering to course correct and discharge a virtual reality headset that is more user friendly and engaging to a larger audience.

The project appears to be a direct feedback to the public's encounter to the high-priced headsets such as the HTC Vive and Rift, which are both needed to be connected through a cable to a standalone powerful PC. Low-cost smartphone device powered systems like the Gear VR have observed more success, mainly to their much cheaper price and absence of cable tether.

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However, the new Oculus device with the code name Pacific would not be smartphone powered, rather it will be completely be a standalone, needing neither a PC or a smartphone device to operate. It is anticipated for the price to be around $200 when it official gets to the market next year. The current Gear VR as of now cost $120 which needs a Samsung galaxy device to act as the processor and display.

Additionally, Oculus may open up the Pacific Prototype to game designers as soon as October, in order to have an app store planned for the 2018 launch. This market place is proposed to be accessible directly via the Pacific’s interface, creating it a completely standalone VR experience without the need of a computer like the first-generation Rift console.

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Facebook's VR aim goes well outside the limits of hardware. The company's Spaces feature, which was disclosed previously this year at the F8 developers conference, allows Rift users to communicate with one other in a social VR environment. A newly update opened the feature to users that don’t have the Rift headsets earlier this week. Also, Oculus lately slashed the price of the Rift and its wireless Touch controllers, making the system somewhat more acceptable to a common consumer base.

Sources: Flipboard, Mashable

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