Philips Brilliance with Multiview  (Source: Philips)
These three 4k monitors are the best monitors to have in either your office or at home.

The Philips Brilliance curved Ultra HD LCD display possess an elegantly created super thin bevel with a slivery white blend. The word Brilliance in the Philips LCD display is validated by an immense color spectrum from the vertical panel alignment that cuts off undesired backlighting in consideration for higher contrast. The Results are remarkable as the Multiview factor permits split screen HD viewing for up to four inputs. Although the panel size prevents the stand to tilts option, but comes with a good port connectivity with a raft optimization setting. More Details
Acer S277HK

Photo Source: Acer

Acer S277HK screen display is the kind of polished design that all modern displays for computer need to aim at with a thin bevel and an offset stand that makes the screen magnificent. The Acer 27-inch panel is completely sufficient with color accuracy that is an achievement for Acer. The screen display looks good which is where things start unfolding. Regardless, the screen odd stand is hindered by the need of height adjustment, with an uncovered port cluster that lacks USB connectivity and enables chaotic wiring. More Details
LG UltraWide 38UC99-W

Photo Source: LG

The curved screened display, it transcends with landscape imagery viewing of three windows in alignment. With the aim of establishing virtual reality relating captivation outcomes with just a 15 inches of display height. Nevertheless, the screen design is very much alike that of Acers but with better quality. However, the Quad HD display experiences the need for true 4k resolution and contrast. More Details
Here are the display Specs
Name LG UltraWide 38UC99-W
Acer S277HK Philips Brilliance with Multiview
Display Size
38 inches 27 inches 40 inches
Panel Type
3840 x 1600 Pixels 3840 x 2160 Pixels 3840 x 2160 Pixels
300 nit 300 nit 300 nit
Ports (2) HDMI, USB-C, (2) USB, Display Port HDMI, DVI-D, Display Port (2) HDMI, (4) USB, VGA, Display Port

Sources: Flipboard, Wired

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