PIQ ROBOTTM software can now be upgraded to include newly veiled artificial intelligence, GAIA, interface to deliver ultimate sports experience.

By Otto Mergen

Nowadays technology makes inroads in every aspect of our lives including sport activities. PIQ ROBOTTM is one of those gadgets that claims to revolutionize our sports experience. PIQ ROBOTTM is a multisport sensor, introduced by a French-start up, PIQ. However, it is more than a sensor, it is a nano-computer that analyzes thousands of data points in real time enabling athletes to track several performance metrics. It is light, thin, waterproof, shock-resistant and embedded into sport specific accessories.

Currently, it supports four sport activities: golf, tennis, kiteboarding and skiing.  It communicates with a smartphone via Bluetooth. PIQ apps are available at both AppStore and Google Play and are free with product purchase.
PIQ ROBOTTM were in a market for less than a year and its software is now upgraded with artificial intelligence, GAIA. GAIA, a product of 2 years of R&D, is a multi-algorithmic machine learning intelligence that is capable of breaking down and analyzing microscopic variations in sport movements. Vast amount of data generated during sport activities can be captured and thoroughly analyzed to help improve athletes’ performances. Athletes can use this information to build winning game strategies.   

PIQ apps are also very user friendly and visually appealing populated with many performance charts graphs and leaderboards. You can track your past performances, share these with friends and even challenge them.  

Here are four currently available PIQ products and what they can track.


Mobitee and PIQ for Golf
                                                                                                                                         Golf glove fitted sensor tracks shots, acts as range finder and displays swing analysis Text Box:


Text Box:

Babolat and PIQ for Tennis                                                           
Wristband-mounted sensor tracks speed, spin, stroke type and rate, number of shots and your progress.
Text Box:

North and PIQ for Kiteboarding
Board attached sensor tracks jump height, hang-time, landing, rotation and tracking progress.

Text Box:

Rossignol and PIQ for Skiing                          
Boot embedded sensor tracks angle, transition, force, vitesse and turn rate.

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