NVIDIA is looking to bolster its position in the professional graphics arena with new breakthroughs

By Otto Mergen

Head spinning developments in VR, AI and other areas require massive computing power and better graphics. However, thin and light notebooks lack such specifications. Now, Nvidia would like to provide creative professionals to fully harness their creativity for their high-end content applications like animation, CAD and simulation at their notebooks and get the same GPU performance they got from a desktop.

Nvidia announced that it’s working with other vendors to bring Titan Xp and Quadro graphics cards to notebooks as external GPUs (eGPU) for creative professionals. Though external graphics chassis exist already, Nvidia wants to also have products that meet and are certified for accepted professional standards for operation and performance. The qualification process ensures users of compatibility, reliability and performance of their Quadro eGPU solution.
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Nvidia promises that eGPU would allow virtual reality gaming at 90 frames per second through a connected laptop, stronger color correction, 4K video editing and processing, and easier interactive 3D animating.

To make Titan Xp graphics card to work through an eGPU, Nvidia has released a driver update for the chip that will make it compatible with eGPU products that operate over a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port.

Available starting in September, Quadro eGPU solutions will be available through qualified partners such as Bizon, One Stop Systems/Magma and Sonnet with more to come.

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