It was just reported that in June, the data of up to 6 million Verizon customers was leaked online.

According to  ZDNet, a software security firm called UpGuard, informed Verizon that their data was exposed online by one of their vendors.  Nice Systems, an Israeli-based Verizon Vendor apparently misconfigured a cloud-based file repository which leaked the details of up to 14 million Verizon customers.

Verizon has stepped up to clarify that the data breach actually included only 6 million customers instead of the 14 million that was previously suspected. In a statement to CNBC, Verizon apologized to their customers and added that the visible customer PIN numbers were not connected to customers, but were only used in call centers to confirm customers.

The customer PIN numbers referred to were found in a database that had communication logs of US Verizon customers who called for various issues.  This information included customer cell phone numbers.

A Verizon spokesperson had this to say, "As a media outlet recently reported, an employee of one of our vendors put information into a cloud storage area and incorrectly set the storage to allow external access, …We have been able to confirm that the only access to the cloud storage area by a person other than Verizon or its vendor was a researcher who brought this issue to our attention. In other words, there has been no loss or theft of Verizon or Verizon customer information."

Even though Verizon found out about the breach in June, it was reported by the IBTimes (International Business Times) that it took more than a week before Verizon and Nice Systems secured the Amazon storage server.

Let’s recap:

1)   The data breach involved 14 mill… no 6 million United States Customers.

2)   Information was leaked by an Israeli base software company called Nice Systems.

3)   Information was stored on a  Amazon storage server.


Seriously folks?????!!!!  I can’t make this stuff up.

Sources: Fox News Tech, USA Today

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