Scientists are now developing an ultra –fast internet that will be partly based on light.

The computers, that could solve the problems quicker that before are about to be developed.

Quantum computers are being developed around the world while scientists are taking the next step to develop a light-based quantum internet that will have to be just as fast.


Quantum communications is an attractive field of technology research that will enable us to send more secure messages.


Still there are problems with this technology that need to be solved in order to put a quantum internet to work:

-        Quantum computers must be able to talk to each other

-        Secure communications from hacking

-        Able to transmit long distances messages without losing parts of it

-        Routing messages across a quantum network


This ultra –fast computer will be able to factor impossibly large numbers that the classical computers of today cannot solve.


There are four types of quantum computers currently being developed, which use: Light particles, Trapped ions, Superconducting qubits and Nitrogen vacancy centers in diamonds.  These four types of quantum computers that are being developed won’t be able to talk all to each other without help.


Joseph Fitzsimons, a principal investigator at the National University of Singapore’s Center of Quantum Technologies tells BBC “ Light is better for communications, bit matter qubits are better for processing,”  


There are two different approaches to building quantum networks – a land-based network and a space –based network, each of which has its own problems at the moment until the development is complete and ready for use.  



Scientists believe that if people want the global –scale quantum internet, it looks like a space-based solution is the only way but it is the most expensive.


Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences generated headlines in June when they succeeded in teleporting-entangled photons between tow towns in China located 1,200Km apart. They used a specially developed quantum satellite called Micius.


Recently the same Chinese scientists topped their own record on September 29th by demonstrating the world’s first intercontinental video call protected by a quantum key with researchers at the Austrian Academy of Sciences over a distance of 7,700Km.


The Scientists at the Austrian Academy of Sciences institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information believes the quantum internet will need land-based and space-based networks to operate in parallel.


At the present time all scientists around the world are working nonstop for putting the new technology to work.

Researchers from the Australian national University have developed a telecom compatible quantum memory chip using an erbium –doped crystal.


This device is able to store light in the right color and it is able to do so for longer than one second, which is 10,000 times longer than all other attempts so far. 


It has been told that this technology will take five years before it be comes practical.  

"The Space Elevator will be built about 50 years after everyone stops laughing" -- Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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