Starting today for people in the United states can download the HTC Alexa app from the Google play store.

Today’s release of the new HTC Alexa app for the HTC U11 owners will become the first set of people to use the hands-free Amazon Alexa support on their smartphone which is being provided by HTC. Though Huawei revealed its support for Amazon Alexa on the Mate 9 during the ending of March, still that requires that one launching the Huawei Alexa app in other to commence the voice assistant.

The main component that acknowledge HTC in pursing the Amazon Alexa integration intensely over the few several months, was due to the fact that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 accommodates the activation of two hands free service within the smartphone device. The HTC U11is the first smartphone device to support the hands-free usage of the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The two-voice assistant device have been working extremely well and have been launching most of the time for several owners of these devices.

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With most of the normal everyday people being likely to using Siri or Google Assistant on their smartphones, provided the drive for HTC to provide both experience to their customers as several million of smartphones in the world are Amazon Alexa Supported. Also, this decision was made in other to satisfy all customers of HTC products.
As of now, Amazon sells the HTC U11 smartphone with the new support for Amazon Alexa. Others have seen this as a way Amazon can promote the Alexa experience foe people who do not have Amazon Alexa hardware. As it is all about the customer’s choice, HTC has provided the U11 with the following three assistants which are HTC sense Companion, Amazon Alexa, and Google Alexa.

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Unsurprisingly, HTC Vice President Nigel Newby-House of product planning does not think having the three assistants are excessive. According to Nigel Newby-House he views that the three preferences as complementary and to some degree he makes a point. As the HTC Sense Companion provides non-spoken suggestions and reminders based on its owner’s behavior, while Google Assistant is unparalleled when it comes to the asking of generic questions. As for Amazon Alexa, one can say she has quite some skills to designate.

Source: Engadget, TechmemeZDNet

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