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There has been a lengthy scuffle between wireless standards for being the one and only form to connect every smart device in a person’s home, but with an upgrade, Bluetooth is building an exceptional case for itself.

The group that controls the Bluetooth standard, known as Bluetooth SIG has released the specification for Bluetooth Mesh. For those who are aware of Mesh networking, Bluetooth Mesh sounds moderately precise as what it sounds like. It supports low-powered Bluetooth devices to establish and perform like a mesh network. Also mesh networking has a favorable trick that can help data travel longer distances, making communication bounce between device.

Subsequently, if a signal cannot get to its destination on its first attempt, another device within the network can retransmit the message to the extent of making it travel farther in the prospect of reaching the device. This attempt of reaching the device can happen repeatedly until the message completely gets to where it needs to be.

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Additionally, mesh networking is important as a result of several of these devices need to run on little energy. Transmitting out a fast signal that extends from one side of a house to another need a lot of power, but a mesh device can transmit out low power signals because they will be picked up and be repeated again. Which is important for a device such as a battery powered temperature sensor, in other for it to stay running for a long period without the need for its batteries to be replaced.

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According to Bluetooth SIG, it normally expects to see the current Bluetooth standard beginning to enter the market in about six months after it has been released. As for this case, Bluetooth SIG expects Bluetooth Mesh to show up sooner than expected as new hardware are not required. Therefore, there is a positive chance that one’s next Bluetooth device may support mesh, although there is no guarantee for our present Bluetooth devices. Meanwhile, these changes can make Bluetooth highly useful for smart home devices. Additional information about Bluetooth Mesh

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