BMW is the world first car manufacturer to offer a wireless charging pad for it electric powered hybrid cars.

It had to come sooner or later.  A wireless charging pad seems like the obvious next step for electric cars.  Who doesn’t want the convenient of coming home and rolling over a ground pad to charge their car after a long day?  I know would love that.

BWM explains in a video that you can easily roll over their ground pad guided by blue lines on the cars display panel.  A green circle appears once you are properly positioned over the pad and charging automatically begins when you switch off the cars ignition.


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According to BMW, the primary coil on the wireless charging pad generates and electromagnetic field and the secondary coil in the car transfers that energy to the cars high-voltage battery pack. A battery that is fully depleted can be fully charged in 3.5 hours.

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No word yet on the cost of the pad or the BMW 530e iPermance hybrid that is compatible with the charging pad.

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