Apple may launch iPhone 8 at its tenth anniversary this year. The specification of the upcoming smartphone have kept secret for months, but recently Apple unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system iOS 11.

The new iPhone, iPads software update gives some indication about iPhone 8’s features. Also it is reported that CEO of Wistron a contract manufacturer of Apple devices revealed some details about the upcoming iPhones.  Source says the Augmented reality (AR) will play a big role in the iPhone 8.  Apple made some big announcement related to AR for new iOS 11 on June 5th at the WWDC conference, that are a giant step for iPhone and a monumental leap for iPad.


This means that developer can create several AR-based apps that will be in time for iPhone 8. Also AR apps will be able to make good use of dual –rear camera setup.  Wireless charging is new feature that iPhone 8 will have which has been revealed by Robert Hwang, CEO of Taiwan-Based iPhone assembler Wistron.


The same source reported that upcoming Smartphones will have water-resistant design with glass or plastic back panel.  Apple is quite likely to take its NFC support beyond Apple Pay with iPhone 8, so the new NFC chip may read more tags than just Apple Pay tags. While, Apple didn’t reveal much about the new features of Siri during its WWDC conference but there is speculation that users may have lot more to do on Siri in iPhon8. From the hints it is believed that the Siri will be able to translate languages in real time and will be fluent in carrying out other commands as well.

World’s First Transparent Mobile Phone by Polytron Technologies


All though we have not seen iPhone 8 yet there are 40 amazing innovations that are likely to shape the iPhone 9 and beyond.


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